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Handmade Hand Fan

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4 good reasons that made me think of making my own hand fan:
Extremely hot weatherSome used disposable chopsticks and manky wooden spoons lying aroundSome odd old table matsI can't be bothered to spend money on an ugly ones available in the shops

And the whole process can't get any simpler:
Cut out 2 identical rectangles from the table matSpread strong glue evenly on the underside of each cut out mat, leave to dry.Stick the 2 chopsticks together with strong glue. When the chopsticks are dry and firmly in place, apply thick glue over about 2-3 inches of the smaller end (depends on the length). Now place the glued part onto the middle of one of the cut out mat's underside, then press on the other cut out mat, making sure that all sides are in line.Leave to dry. Hold the sides in place with some paperclips …