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Upcycle Living Has a New URL

Pretty soon, we're moving all contents to:
If you've come here through an old bookmark, please update accordingly. 
Looking forward to seeing you at the new URL 😊 😘

Upcycled Pendant from Old Nine West Shoe Jewellery

We're moving all contents to:

Took less than 5 minutes, this is probably the fastest project to date. No one would've guessed its past life if I don't tell.

This was the pair of Nine West shoes I bought at a really great promotion price. Loved them, worn them to death - literally. 

But I'm not quite ready to part with them completely yet, and the decorative jewels still look good. So before I binned the shoes, I removed the shoe jewellery from both shoes and turned them into pendants.
Yes I now have 2 Nine West - so to say - pendants, and why not?

Upcycled Padded iPad Case from an Old Cancer Research Canvas Bag

Since making the Passport Boarding Pass Holder from the old Cancer Research bag, my sore fingers have had some good rest so it's time to do something with the remaining material.

Using the same method as the Passport Boarding Pass Holder, I made an iPad case:

I've used an old worn out vest (the size was just nice) as the lining,  so that the case will have some kind of padding as extra protection for the iPad.

Turn inside out.

In our memory, but now serving even better purposes: