Twist tie wires, a useful thing

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Here is what I did with some of them:

An extended hook for this calendar with a hole that's too small to go on the existing hook:

The previous tenant left behind quite a few pointless nails - like this one that is too deep into the wall - which I can hardly hang anything on. So the twist tie wire came in handy as an extension:

Due to the flexibility of these twist tie wires, they can be twisted into any shape and form to adapt to your needs. They are also quite strong and sturdy so I've used some to tie the new roller blinds to the old blinds holders which are not the right type for the new ones (as I'd rather not to drill new holes into any of the walls if I can help it):

Tied the bamboo blinds onto another pair of existing nails on the wall which don't seem to fit the width of the blinds. But the twist tie wires saved the day. This has been up since mid 2008, and it's still going strong:

Apart from these, you can also use them to:
- hold plants together for example tomato and other crawler plants
- tie up opened food packages e.g.: flour that comes in a non-resealable bag

The good news is, should I ever want to relocate these things, I can easily untie the wires and use them elsewhere. Not a trace, not a stain.


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