Paper Mache Jack O Lantern Candy Buckets

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We're going to have a family dinner right before Halloween so we gotta have something special for the kiddies. I've always wanted to let them have a little trick or treat for fun but I'm really skeptic about buying the ready made ones and make some rich business owners even richer by producing more plastic stuff. So a DIY paper mache Jack o Lantern is an obvious choice.

Here are the material used:
  • 2 old unused balloons from last Christmas, blew them up and wrapped each up with a layer of cling film (for easy removal when the glue is dry), and these are the base mould for the pumpkins.
  • Old newspaper and old receipts, torn into tiny strips.
  • Glue made from tapioca flour
  • Leftover white base coat paint
  • Acrylic colours
  • String from an old wrecked drawstring bag
First layer for the shape.
Few more layers to shape the ridges.

Punched holes for the handle. Base coat done, in and out.
Getting the right colour, bit by bit.

Once the colour's done, smiley Jack-o-lantern faces are drawn using the DVD labelling markers I used for the CD coasters project (yeah I know, lasted a long time!). Then the handles are made with the strings made into thick braided pattern.

Ready for the show!

It's really simple, just like what we used to do at school when we're kids. I know it's no big deal - not like I'm creating some great sculpture, but it's really enjoyable. Just need a little time and patience. Get started a couple of weeks ahead of time would be ideal.


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