Christmas Tree from old Christmas Crackers

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It's that time of the year again - you're right - time to get busy preparing for Christmas! And what can be more fun than getting the tree up? As usual, the rules here is to have nothing (or very little) bought. Everything must be old, used, or recycled.

We had a great success last year with our CD Christmas tree, and the CDs were then stored away for their future use in God-knows-what; maybe rebuild the same tree, who knows? But this year we're going to be away for the holiday so we'll just have something really simple and doesn't require much work.

As I was going through my craft boxes, I found this stack of beautiful glossy cardboard that used to be the body of some Christmas crackers we used last year (yes I actually saved those bits). Was initially thinking of making some party crowns for my nieces, but then it strikes me that I can use them to make a Christmas tree.

It's really simple; each card has a die-cut slit and slot mechanism, that made it easy to join them together to make a longer strip.

Just secure the joining at the back with some cello tape.

Then complete the circle, and make several of them, from big to small.

Fold the circles into equilateral triangles, and stick cardboard strips on the insides to strengthen them.

Then stack them up, from big to small. Viola! Took me less than 2 hours!

By the way, this can also be flat-packed completely and stored away for another year. All I need to do is to detach one of the slit-in joining and that's it. Totally worth the effort!

Hope you're also having a lot of fun anticipating the festival. Merry Christmas everyone!


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