Old Dress to New Top

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I hate parting with old clothes, especially designs that don't come easy. This long dress has been with me since the late 90s, but lately the stretchiness of the material is gone and it is not tight-fitting any more. I can hear it calling out to me: "Please don't throw me away, please, no!" So here comes the scissors and the needle and threads.

I cut the dress across the waist and sewed the hem and made it into a top. Then I dug out a pair of Chinese buttons I savaged from another old top which I had to bin (because the material was falling apart), and voila, I got myself a new Chinese Cheong-sum-like top!

As for the bottom part of the dress? I've yet to decide what to do with it, but rest assured, it will be something useful :-)


  1. I am extremely impressed by the way you make good things out of seemingly junk ones. I too want to try out these. Well, I am also starting a similar blog with all that I could find around the world. I would be happy to feature your blog on mine. What say.. ?

    1. Absolutely Rahul, absolutely! Thank you for your interest in my humble little blog. Give us a link and we shall check out your blog too :-)


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