Foam Fruit Wrappers Multiple Reuse

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Thanks to Aeon Supermarkets (previously known as Jusco) in Kuala Lumpur, we've learned to reuse those netty foam fruit wrappers as bottle protectors when we buy wine. It's really simple - just pull it over the wine bottle and that's it. It prevent any glass bottles from knocking on each other or on other hard/glass objects in the shopping bag. Very useful tip. And I'm really impressed with Aeon that they actually saved and reused thousands of those fruit wrappers that are otherwise disposed of, at the same time educating their customers.

But we don't have to stop just there do we? I have kept quite a few of those wrappers from my shopping trips to Aeon, just to reuse them again and again. And today I've just figured out another possible function for these little darlings.

Here's a picture of my suitcase, with the trolley handle extension next to the base of the case. It looks as if it could be broken with just any force from the back. So I took 4 foam fruit wrappers and cut them open, wrapped them around the metal rods and secured them with cello tapes. In theory, they should be able to absorb a little impact should it be hit from that direction. Hopefully the chance of it being broken will be reduced.

Of course, I will add in more on to the rods should I find more foam fruit wrappers later,
just to be sure :)


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