What to do with damp stained shirt

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This cushion cover is made from one of my husband's old shirts, which unfortunately had been damp stained on the collar due to the highly humid weather.

We can't give it away to the charity and the material is not suitable for cleaning. I was meant to upcycle it into a wrap dress but was too lazy to do so. Whilst I was staring into the buttons the idea just came to me. It was so simple:
  1. Just lay the shirt flat, buttoned, turned inside out.
  2. Mark out the square (whatever size fits your cushion) where the button panel will fall in the middle.
  3. Secure with pins or quick stitches, cut the excess material out and sew it all around. (I did it by hand as I don't have a sewing machine)
  4. Unbutton and turn inside out. Now you have a cushion cover with ready button fastening.
We probably won't buy another cushion cover - unless, of course - if there are some really nice ones.


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