DIY Candles from used wax remains

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This is what I often get left with, and I'm certainly not going to let them go to waste.

So I'm going to have a big melt down - for the wax 😀

It's not a very complicated process, just a little tedious and hot.

What I need are:
A big pot
Some used disposable chopsticks
Some parcel string (as I haven't any wicks readily at home)
Glass containers/candle holders - to clean up glass candle holders: boiling hot water

First is to melt the old wax (different colours separately) in hot water in the pot, with the string tied to the chopstick placed over the glass container. The string can be fiddly. To make it easier to work with I'll dip it with some melted wax then straighten it whilst the wax dries and hardens up. That way it will stay down to the bottom.

Cooling and drying:

Once they are all cool and dry, the chopsticks can be removed and the strings can be cut to the right length for burning.

New (renew) candles! And I will keep repeating this until no wax is left to be melted down.


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