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Then we realised that people aren't really aware of the free service because there isn't any signage apart from one bunting standee. So I offered to make them some signboards.

This one here is for the booth top. Apart from the words being printed from my own home-use black-and-white laser printer, everything is taken from existing material in my craft box: the old textured paper it is printed on, the old backing cardboard, the red and green markers, red and green glitter pens, and the frame that is cut and pasted from last year's Christmas cracker casing.

I also made a tent card for the counter top with the same material, plus a cut-out gift picture taken from the cover of an old Christmas card. Our dear friend Simon's kind greetings now help warming the hearts of many others, hopefully.

The backing standee is made from a used card folded into 4 flaps then secured with a ribbon (also taken from last year's Christmas crackers) using double sided tape:

The signboards are now serving their purposes at their workstation and not hiding in the dark corner of my room :)

Volunteers at Tropicana City Mall Community at Heart event booth


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