Mini Cardboard Tabletop Christmas Tree

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 The making is pretty simple:
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1. Material: some patterned or printed cardboard (old Christmas cards, Christmas merchandise packaging, etc), I cut these from last year's Christmas crackers packaging box.

2. Cut them into equal sizes: 2 per tree.

3. Take 2 and stick them together, back to back using double sided tape.

4. Make sure they are adhered nicely together, trim away any jutting out edges.

5. Cut each piece into 2 equal pieces.

6&7. Using a pencil, trace the outline of a simple pine tree onto each piece with a cut out shape prepared ahead (it can also be just a simple triangle).

8. Place 2 half-tree shapes together and secure with cellotape along the middle joining. Repeat with another 2. Fold each joined pair (cellotape on the inside) and join them together and secure again with cellotape in the middle, repeat the same with the reverse side.

9. Now you will have all for joining secured and you can open up the side to make the tree stand.

This will be our tabletop Christmas decor this year.


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